Payment Assist

We’ve partnered with Payment Assist so that you can more easily manage your budget when those unexpected car repairs come up.

Payment Assist is a financial service that allows you to pay only 25% of the bill, take your car home, and pay the other 75% in three equal instalments the following three months, with absolutely no interest. 

So don’t put off that repair and risk causing more damage to your vehicle, bring your car in and ask us about Payment Assist. 

The price to you is the same if you use payment assist or not. There are no hidden fees or charges. 

Contact us today to book your car in for a repair or service and ask us about Payment Assist today. 



Grace has an unexpected car repair bill for £400, but doesn’t have available budget to cover it.



We fix the car and with Payment Assist Grace pays just £100 today (25% of her bill).



She then pays a further £100 per month for three more months, and then she’s all done. As easy as that!

Original bill: £400. Total paid: £400No fees, no interest.